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Hello friends, my name is Hem Chand, who lives in a small town (Ambala) in India. I review Keto & Weight loss products that are available digitally on the internet through my website i.e www.goketwithhem.com. The aim of this website is to help the people in choosing the best Keto and Weight Loss products who are serious about their health & wellbeing and want to live a Ketogenic healthy lifestyle but find themselves in the confusion state when it comes to choosing the best product.

You can check my reviews and I will be very glad if my reviews help you in some way. I will be the happiest person if you make your weight loss story with the help of a Keto diet after reading reviews from my website.

About Me 1

I also want to share my story as well with my followers. Although it is not a great story like my other Ketoers even then I will be happy to share it with you. I was a common foodie who never thought about healthy or unhealthy foods. For me every food was food. I kept enjoying my food as much as I can. I had eaten all types of junk food and fast food that came in front of me.

In the middle of 2019, I couldn’t remember the exact day, I was doing some shopping stuff with my wife somewhere in a shopping mall. And someone was operating a Health and Fitness stall there, so my wife insisted on me, to measure my weight. I agreed and checked my weight. When the result came I was shocked because my body weight was 209 pounds and my BMI (Body Mass Index) was 31.8. Do you know what it means? Just check it yourself.

BMI Categories:

Underweight = <18.5

Normal weight = 18.5–24.9

Overweight = 25–29.9

Obesity = BMI of 30 or greater

My BMI came under the Obesity category. I became very sad because I didn’t know about this reality. Even physically, I was not looking very fat. But Obesity was actually an issue and needed to pay attention to it.

Immediately, I quit eating street fast foods & junk foods. I started dieting at home by limiting my meals and most of the time I ate salads and fruits. I had proceeded with it for a month and checked my weight one more time. But everything was the same. No big changes were there in my weight. I became disappointed and left the dieting that I was doing at home.

My weight was increasing day by day, my moral was going even more down. One day while surfing on the web, I read about the Keto diet. Although I had listened a couple of times about the Ketogenic diet, this time I did a complete study about it. After reading, I got some positive vibes and I had begun the Keto diet but let me tell you honestly, I had not bought any Keto diet plans.

I did it myself just gaining tips about Keto diet from the internet. I followed different recipes for breakfast, lunch, snacks, and dinner that were higher in healthy fat, moderate in protein, and lower in the carb.

You won’t believe, in the initial 2 months, I shed around 22 pounds. You won’t believe this result came without doing any workout. I was very happy with my results so I continued with the Keto diet but weight loss was not so quick as I got in 2 months. In the third month, my weight was going up and down a little bit, so I decided to begin some workout alongside the eating routine. And it worked for me and shed 33 pounds in the following 3 months.

I reduced my weight from 209 pounds to 154 pounds in 5 months with the Keto diet and a little bit of workout. It worked for me with no Keto Meal Plan and with no expert assistance.

About Me 2

But the fact is that it is not so easy for everyone to follow a Keto diet by themselves. It demands a lot of dedication and discipline. Many people leave it in the middle due to lack of the Keto diet plan, recipes, and an expert for guiding & giving tips about a Keto diet.

So I decided to help you in choosing the best Keto & Weight loss products with the help of my honest Keto reviews and I am sure, it will definitely help you a lot in adapting a Ketogenic lifestyle along with targeted weight loss.