4 Week Easy Keto Challenge Review 2020 – Think before you buy it!

Nowadays, only one thing is trending among the masses when it comes to weight loss & fitness and that is a Keto diet. But why they are choosing this diet? Any guesses? The answer is simple because it really works for them. Its adaptation results in weight loss, no sugar cravings, relief to diabetic people, and overall improved health.  

The Ketogenic diet is a diet in which you have to consume high-quality fats and low carbs. When you consume high fat and very low carbs your body reaches a metabolic state called Ketosis. In this condition, your body burns fat instead of carbs for energy which results in quick weight loss. The Keto diet does not only result in weight loss but you will feel much better than earlier, more energized, and happier throughout the day.  

But this is only the basic information that people know about the Keto Diet. But they don’t know how to start, how to be consistent with this diet & recipes, how to check the Ketosis level from time to time, and how to calculate the macronutrients in each & every diet that they are eating in breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  

For all this, you have two options i.e you can hire a Keto professional or you need a high-quality Keto meal plan that can help you to achieve your target without any difficulty. Although there are several Keto meal plans that exist in the health & fitness market. 

Today, I am going to review a digital product from the same market that promises to help you with the above-mentioned situation and its name is 4-Week Easy Keto Challenge.  But to what extent it is true? Let check it out!

What is the 4-Week Easy Keto Challenge?

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The 4-Week Easy Keto Challenge is an amazing meal plan which contains simple, easy to cook & delicious recipes. It is designed in such a way that you can burn maximum calories in the shortest possible time. Also, feel motivated all the time by tracking each & everything that you are doing to achieve the goal by the end of this challenge. Overall it will improve your health and boost your self-confidence.  

4 week Easy Keto Challenge

About the creator

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As per the website, Simon Katz is a weight loss coach and a creator of this Challenge. He focuses to help women and men to break their cycle of yo-yo dieting and find a lifestyle that is sustainable, enjoyable, and full of confidence. He had helped 1000’s of people to lose fat, repair their negative relationship with food, and gain back confidence about their bodies.  

What is included in this challenge?


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  • ​This meal plan is so simple, easy-to-cook, full of delicious recipes that can’t imagine. You need not do anything. Every step is displayed with photographs and detailed instructions that you will not feel any difficulty.  
  • ​All the meals contain easy-to-find ingredients, and it takes only 30 minutes or less to cook a delicious meal. Most of the ingredients you will find in your home kitchen.  
  • In this meal plan, Macronutrients and calories are pre-calculated by the professional, which makes this meal plan perfect.  
  • This meal plan comes with all preparation including the shopping list of all 4 weeks. We have to do nothing except accepting their challenge.  


4 Week Easy Keto Challenge Review 2020 - Think before you buy it! 4
  • ​In this workout plan, you will get the full 4-week of easy-to-follow bodyweight workouts. You have to do the workout for 25 minutes, 3 times per week. You can choose your day of workout. And I think, it is not difficult to follow this workout plan.  
  • This plan contains a manual of the training program in the form of a PDF file. Also, you will get full-length training videos of workout that will guide from beginning to end. You have to follow the same strictly for achieving the desired target.  
  • ​The amazing fact about this workout plan is that your body will be burning calories even after the workout and it will continue up to 24 hours.
  • ​​​​​This workout plan also very efficient in increasing your metabolism very fast. This is also a highlighting factor for this workout plan.  
  • ​​You need no special types of equipment for doing this workout. You can do this workout from home. It means no extra expenses.  


4 Week Easy Keto Challenge Review 2020 - Think before you buy it! 5
  • ​This weight loss journal will guide you to set your weight loss goals. You have to stick to them daily to reach your goal in 4 weeks.  
  • ​This journal will guide you to record the daily goals that you are setting, meals, water intake, activities, supplements, overall feeling, and thoughts.  
  • ​It is designed in a way that you will adopt 3 new healthy habits for ​quitting your top 3 bad habits in just 4 weeks. This plan is very helpful in the easy quitting of bad habits. They really know how to tackle this.
  • This weight loss journal will help you to stop unconscious, unhealthy, and emotional eating. This means you “Will” is going to be strong with this weight loss journal.
  • This journal will help you to understand the relationship between your eating and activity habits along with your overall feeling for achieving the result of successful weight loss.  


This challenge also helps it, users, by showing a Step-by-step guide to get prepare before starting the Challenge. This ketogenic diet plan is designed so beautifully that you will get various practical tips to become successful with this plan by sticking to it all the time.

They have also tried to give the answers to each & every question that comes to your mind regarding the Keto challenge. You will also get the opportunity to know everything about Keto & Keto supplements. Like this, there are many other helpful things that you will help you to make a healthy lifestyle.

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You can accept this challenge at a very decent price of $47. You will get instant access to this product in the form of PDF files that can be downloaded to your laptop or desktop instantly. You will receive these files through an email after making the purchase.

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Money-Back Guarantee

Like other Keto products, this challenge also comes a Money-Back Guarantee for its user. But it gives only 14 days’ time to return the product & taking a refund amount while other products give 30 to 60 days for returning the product in case of unsatisfactory results of their product. You don’t have to explain the reason for returning the product. It is totally a Risk-free product.


  • ​ Stronger muscles.  
  • ​ Healthy ​eating habits.  
  • ​ Stopping Unhealthy and Emotional eating.  
  • ​ Feeling more energized.  
  • ​ Increase in Mental clarity and sharpness.  


  • The money-back-guarantee of 14 days is less in comparison to other sellers. They are offering 30 to 60 day Money Back Guarantee to their clients.  
  • The information about the educational & professional degree of the creator is missing on the website.
  • The product is available in the digital version only.  

Final Word

In my opinion, the 4-week Easy Keto Challenge will definitely be going to work for everyone. Why I am saying this? Because this product is different from other Keto products because this challenge is a combination of the Keto Meal Plan & Workout plan. This challenge is designed in such a way that you have not to do anything from your side.

Under this plan, you have everything from a meal to workout, workout to its tracking, step by step guide to achieving the target of fitness & weight loss. It has also covered tips, different question & answers that can come to your mind while doing this challenge.

Weight loss in a healthy manner, mental sharpness, better sleep, healthier skin, healthy eating habits, stronger muscles, more energy, increase metabolism, etc. are its positive results.

It deserves at least one trial as it also comes with a 14-Day Money back guarantee. If you accept this challenge & you find it satisfactory, you can ask for a refund. You will get the refund of the entire purchase amount and no questions will be asked. So what you are waiting for? Just come forward & accept this challenge to make some healthy changes in your lifestyle.    

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I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and if you have any questions or want to comment, then write on the comment box below.

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