15 Minute Weight Loss Review 2020 – Does Hypnosis really help in Weight Loss?

In the present time, individuals are applying various strategies upon them to lose weight and they also become successful. However, many of them are confronting a major issue after losing weight, it’s rebound weight gain. After a lot of hard work and effort, everything goes in vain. It doesn’t mean that they have used the wrong product or not followed the appropriate diet or workout as per the instruction.

It all relies upon your subconscious mind. If your subconscious is craving for your favorite food or dessert, there is nothing you can do about that. It doesn’t make a difference that how much effective diet or workout plan you are following. 99% fitness of your body relies upon your mind.

Nowadays, people are following a new technique of weight loss called the Hypnotic Weight Loss technique. This technique uses your theta brainwave frequency to re-write or reprogram your subconscious mind.

Today I am going to review a weight loss program called “15 Minute Weight Loss”, a hypnotic weight loss technique that promises to help you in losing weight without using any dieting, workout, or supplement. Let’s check how much these promises are true by doing a detailed review of this program. So be with me until the end!

Product – 15 Minute Weight Loss

Creator – Anthony Swailes

Price – $37

Category – Diet & Weight Loss

Website – www.15minuteweightloss.com

What is 15 Minute Weight Loss?

15 minute weight loss

15 Minute Weight Loss is one of its kind weight loss program that works around your cutting-edge brain science. It is a scientifically demonstrated technique & 15-minute a day audio program that uses your theta brainwave frequency to re-compose your subconscious mind. In simple words, with the help of these brainwave frequencies, you can converse with your brain about restricting convictions and stories of your body. It helps in sculpting the body you truly need. It also encourages you to lose weight naturally with minimum efforts & absolutely changes your viewpoint about food and fitness.

About the Creator

As per the website, Anthony Swailes is the creator of this hypnotic weight loss therapy who is a certified clinical hypnotherapist by profession. He has been using his subliminal recordings to help his clients in doing weight loss as well as overall health improvement. Subliminal recordings are those words that are covered behind the Cymatic vibrations and the music and your conscious mind will not hear it while your subconscious mind will understand easily.

Benefits of the 15 Minute Weight Loss

  • It helps you in losing weight.
  • It helps in lowering your stress hormones.
  • It helps in increasing your metabolism.
  • It helps you to sleep better.

Are there any side effects?

Normally, people get afraid of hearing the word “Hypnosis“. They think that it will take control of their mind and make them do the wrong things. But it is not true. There is no side-effect for using the 15 Minute Weight Loss program. But if you use this type of subconscious reprogramming technique and listen to those subliminal recordings, you will definitely feel positive changes in your life.

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How does 15 Minute Weight Loss work?

The 15 Minute Weight loss works on 3 Rules that help you to lose weight without thinking about diet or workout.

Rule #1: Understand it is your subconscious mind that helps you to lose weight, not diet or workout

Nowadays, people lose their weight with the help of dieting and workout plan but their lost weight again comes back. There are a lot of people who have tried everything but don’t lose weight. But why this happens? Is there any flaw in your diet plan or in the way of your workout?

No! It is your subconscious mind that ultimately decides everything. If you are eating healthy & doing workout on daily basis but your subconscious mind thinks that you can not lose weight or it is not good to lose weight then all your effort will go waste.

It can raise the level of your cortisol & the stress hormone, as a result, you put on more fat. It can lower the serotonin that takes you to the state of depression. It can increase the level of ghrelin (the hunger hormone) that makes you overeat. It can also speed up or slow down your metabolism.

Like this, your subconscious mind is also responsible for your weight loss. It can increase the metabolism that helps you to lose weight. But to convince your stubborn subconscious mind is not an easy task to do. When you convince it with the help of Hypnosis, it speeds up your metabolism and you witness healthy weight loss even after eating your favorite foods.

Rule #2: Your brainwaves need to be synchronized

Although the Hypnosis method is helping millions to get various medical advantages, some of the time Hypnosis doesn’t work appropriately. Since your mind doesn’t always remain in a receptive state. Your brain produces three basic types of brainwaves when you are awake i.e Beta, Alpha & Theta.

Your brain produces Beta waves when you are ready and centered while taking care of an issue. It produces Alpha waves when you are in a meditative & tranquil state and Theta waves are produced when you are in a profoundly relaxed state of mind.

You won’t believe even Buddhist monks spend their lifetime to reach this state of meditative relaxation of mind. When you enter the Theta State with the help of Hypnosis, it gives you complete control of your mind and body.

With the help of a brand-new out of the box study of Cymatics, anybody can get into Theta State within a minute. When the two parts of your brain begin cooperating together you reach the state of Theta, where hypnosis actually really works is called Cymatics.

If your hypnotist attempts to convince your mind to help in losing weight with the help of Cymatics then your subconscious mind naturally reacts and acknowledges the message. But if you don’t listen to Cymatics, your subconscious mind contends and doesn’t acknowledge the message passed by your hypnotherapist.

Rule #3: You have to repeat the process until it gets permanent.

Many individuals take a couple of meetings of hypnotic treatment and anticipate productive outcomes. It can give you a few good results but that won’t be a permanent one. Understand this reality that your subconscious mind is difficult. You may need to take various meetings with a similar subliminal specialist which can be extremely costly for you.

But with the 15 Minute Weight Loss program, you can make the outcomes absolutely permanent in only 3 weeks’ time. You will observe numerous positive changes in your life like weight loss, reduction in stress hormones, better sleep, etc.

What comes inside 15 Minute Weight Loss?

This program contains 3 audio tracks of 15 minutes each, that have been recorded by mixing brainwaves synchronization beats with a layer of subliminal self-hypnosis and the best nature sounds so that you will get out of the box and wonderful listening experience.

This program is a 3-week program with 3 audio tracks where you have to listen to only one track in one week, next week you can move on to the next track and like this, you have to do for next to next week. Do not try to listen to all 3 tracks in one week. It is really an easy weight-loss program. If you follow the instruction properly, you will encounter profound relaxation of mind or in some cases, you will feel drowsiness. So don’t try to listen to these tracks while driving or working on machinery.

Does this program offer any Bonuses?

Bonus#1: Deep Sleep Now

15 minute weight loss

As a first bonus, you will get a 15-minute audio recording called Deep Sleep Now that can be heard before heading off to your bed. If you are confronting sleeping trouble or any other trouble, this recording will deal with all of your concerns. You will get deep sleep, wake up the next morning feeling refreshed. All your stress will vanish and you will feel double energy throughout the day.

Bonus #2: Look great at any Weight

15 minute weight loss

Today everybody thinks, to look beautiful relies upon your weight. If you look slim you are beautiful and if you look fat you are ugly which is absolutely wrong. But it doesn’t mean there is no need to lose weight. Your beauty relies upon how much pressure you carry on your facial muscles. With the help of this special subliminal session, you will able to relax your facial muscles by reshaping your subconscious mind and as a result, you will look more beautiful and appealing than ever. It doesn’t make a difference at what age you are standing at this moment.

Bonus#3: Look Younger Now

15 minute weight loss

In the present time, individuals look older than they really are on the grounds that they carry a great deal of pressure. They get wrinkles, silver hairs, skin issues, and so forth at an early age. But this can be reversed with the assistance of this subliminal recordings. At the point when you dispose of your worry by reinventing your subconscious mind you witness better hair development with better color, your wrinkle blurs away. You look more youthful than your age.

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Is there any Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, 15 Minute Weight Loss program comes with a full 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. If at any stage you feel that this product is not for you, just simply email the customer support and ask for a refund. You will immediately get a refund of the full purchase amount. No questions will be asked from you.

How much does this program cost?

If you go for a hypnotic therapy with some renowned hypnotist then it would cost near around $100 for an hour but here you will get this complete breakthrough Hypnotic weight loss program to skyrocket your level of fitness & happiness for just $37. This is a very little investment that isn’t even the cost of dinner at a good restaurant. You will have instant access to this amazing program in the form of MP3 & that will be delivered directly to your email.

Pros of 15 Minute Weight Loss

  • This program uses scientifically proven techniques.
  • This weight loss program based on hypnosis actually works.
  • This weight loss program is created by a certified clinical hypnotherapist.
  • This program promises to help in losing weight without using dieting, workouts, and supplement.
  • This program offers you three bonuses worth $150.
  • This program demands a very little investment of $37.
  • This program offers you a solid 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Cons of 15 Minute Weight Loss

  • You will get the digital access to this weight loss technique in audio format. No physical deliveries.
  • Incomplete information about the creator’s educational and professional degrees on the website.
  • Testimonials are missing on the website.

Final Words

You can definitely try this hypnotic technique for two reasons. First, you are capable of losing weight but you have a rebound weight gain situation. Second, if you have tried everything to lose weight but you are not losing anything except hope. Then you should give one chance to this hypnotic weight loss technique called 15 Minute Weight loss.

Although there is complete information about the creator & testimonials are missing but this program is not a Scam. It is 100% legit as it is based on scientifically proven facts, gives you permanent results and it can’t be denied that your mind is the real “Hero”.

Even it is not enough, this amazing program of Hypnosis comes with a No-Risk factor. It offers you a full 60-day Money-Back Guarantee. If at any stage you feel that this product is not for you, just simply email the customer support and ask for a refund. You will immediately get a refund of the full purchase amount. No questions will be asked from you.

I am sure, this hypnotic weight loss technique will change your life forever.

15 minute weight loss
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I hope you have enjoyed reading this review and if you have any questions or want to comment, then write on the comment box below.

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